Friday, 22 May 2015

Tips How To Survive Vacation (For Book Junkies)

Bonjour! Why the French greeting? I'm leaving on vacation to France next month and I need to practice my (very poor) French. I'm going with my dad and I really can't wait! As a true book junkie, I can't forget to bring books with me. And it got me thinking - how should a true book junkie prepare for a vacation? Here are my semi-serious tips:


Pre-download all books on your e-reader ahead. What if your internet service won't work at the place you are going to? What if there will be wi-fi failure? You need to be prepared.


If you plan to take your e-reader with you, don't forget the charger. And my personal advice... pack 1 extra paperback with you (preferably with a lot of pages). Just in case all technology fails.


If you plan to read series, don't forget to take/download on your e-reader all available instalments. You do not want to "ruin" your vacation by finding out that book ended with mean cliffy and you have no means of getting next book until you get back home.


If you want to take only print copies, plan your reading schedule in advance. I know it is cruel thing to ask, especially if you are a mood reader like myself, but you need to pick your reads ahead. Seriously, you don't want to pay extra fees at airport because your suitcase is too heavy, over-packed with numerous books because you couldn't choose what to read. 


Take extra book for person traveling with you. You don't want anyone to borrow your book and disrupt your reading schedule, right? 


Are you traveling by plane? Keep your books/e-reader in hand bag. What if they lose your suitcase? Cosmetics and clothes can be re-bought at your destination. Not your books. Priorities!


Have a great time and enjoy yourself :)

 ^ My own "book junkie" Vacation Survival Kit  ^
(kindle, charger, 880 pages long Under the Dome, bookmark)

Do you plan your vacation reads ahead? E-reader or print? 
How many books is acceptable to take with you on vacation? 
Let me know in comments and Merci Beaucoup for reading :)

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