Thursday 28 August 2014

One Favourite Moment: Ten Tiny Breaths series

The prequel novella to the Ten Tiny Breaths series from Trent’s POV, IN HER WAKE, releases September 1st. On this special occasion, I was asked to share my favourite moment from entire series. And to tell the truth, it was pretty straighforward decision on my side :)

Tuesday 26 August 2014


Skygods, sequel to my favourite contemporary romance of 2013 - Hydraulic Level Five (read my review HERE). For a chance to win set of ebooks from Hydraulic series, do not forget to enter giveaway at the bottom of this post!

Skygods (Hydraulic #2)

Written by Sarah Latchaw

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Purchase: Amazon US / Amazon UK / B&N


Kaye Trilby and her ex-husband, world-famous author Samuel Cabral, vowed to fight for their rekindled love in rain or shine. They didn’t realize they’d be caught in a deluge so quickly.

A near-fatal skydiving accident shows Kaye how her reckless behavior affects the ones she loves. But while she knows Samuel is afraid to lose her again, she isn’t ready to give up the thrill of the wild backcountry.

Something darker is slipping into Samuel’s mind, though. The specters of his past are re-emerging. His polish is deteriorating, just as all of Hollywood braces for his blockbuster book-to-movie adaptation. When he appears on Kaye’s doorstep late one night in a rumpled tuxedo, erratic and agitated, it seems that romance with her ex might be her biggest leap yet. A string of failed relationships has pushed Samuel to the brink, the fall-out leaving him in a dark place—a place where Kaye is powerless to help him. She is reluctantly drawn back into Samuel’s glittering and backbiting world of celebrity, all the while clinging to the steadfast peaks of home.

Can Kaye risk her heart with Samuel a second time? Will they ever find their blue skies?
My Kaye and Samuel:

* 5 STARS * Review:

It is a huge talent when author is able to touch her readers with her words in a powerful way. And Sarah Latchaw has it. Skygods is not your ordinary contemporary romance and Kaye's & Samuel's story touched me like no other.

Skygods is utterly beautiful, captivating and realistic tale of rekindled love, tale of two people finding a way back to each other in spite of adversity. It is sad, but hopeful story which shows us the lenght person would go to, sacrificies person would make for the loved one. Moreover, Skygods is believable, never over-the-top drama-filled novel. And thanks for that. Because nothing can ruin a book as irritating, eye-rolling drama.

Book starts where Hydraulic Level Five ended - with main protagonists trying to mend their long time ago broken friendship. Once again, Sarah Latchaw provoked various emotions in me while reading her book. I adored playful side of Kaye's and Samuel's relationship. I rejoiced at every single happy moment. And my heart broke for Samuel, seeing firsthand how his dark demons were slowly destroying him. Is Kaye strong enough to deal with Samuel's secrets, eccentric behaviour and his stressful life of famous writer?

But it is not only emotions that makes this story so precious to me. It is also in depth depicted characters and admire worthy storytelling skills that will completely drag you into the story. Believe me when I say that I cannot recommend this series enough!

Hydraulic Level Five was my favourite contemporary romance novel of 2013 and I can genuinely say that this sequel secured the same position in the year 2014. I already cannot wait for more from this incredibly talented author!


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Wednesday 20 August 2014

GUEST POST + GIVEAWAY: Author Sarah Latchaw

Please welcome talented Sarah Latchaw, author of my favourite contemporary romance of 2013 -  Hydraulic Level Five (you can read my 5 stars review HERE) and Skygods (relase date August 26th 2014). Sarah Latchaw graciously agreed to share some interesting information about her Hydraulic series and I hope you will enjoy this article. 
Moreover, do not forget to find the info about the giveaway at the bottom if this post!

Tuesday 12 August 2014

REVIEW: The Blue Amaryllis by Sonia De Leon

The Blue Amaryllis by Sonia De Leon

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Purchase: Amazon US / Amazon UK


**This is a suggestive romance and contains no explicit sex scenes**

Upon the death of her mother, 26 year old Leia York is left bereft and grief stricken. An old college professor extends her an invitation to join him in one of the most beautiful, yet most dangerous, places on earth – the Amazon rainforest. She embarks on an impulsive journey, hoping to forget the sadness of her life in Chicago.

Shortly after arriving in the village, Leia is among those chosen to go on a quest that is vital to the survival of the natives. The six week quest is fraught with danger, adventure, and unexpectedly: love. A love which is strictly forbidden. Will Leia respect an indigenous law that prevents her from pursuing the only love she has ever known?

The Blue Amaryllis is a unique story that blends romance and adventure, while exploring the very real ecological issues threatening the Amazon rainforest and tribes within. It is a story of a proud people whose unique way of life faces extinction, and the passionate love that develops between one of their own and an outsider.
My Leia and Tanun:

* 4.5 STARS * Review:

"This story seeks to shed light on a way of life no longer lived in many parts of the earth; a way of life that is being threatened even today. And what is life without a little bit of love?"
This book shows us that true love knows no boundaries.

It shows us that it is more than worth it to slowly discover what true passion is.

And most importantly, this book shows us how to find joy and hapiness in the simplest everyday things.

The Blue Amaryllis is beautifully crafted story following life-changing adventure of young woman who finds her true self in the middle of Amazon rainforest. I was truly impressed with this debut novel and I am glad I could experience Leia's and Tanun's beautiful journey alongside them!

When it comes to romance in the books, I like it unconventional. I like it unique and original. Modern woman falling for native man while discovering greatness of simple life among Amazon tribes definitely fits this criteria. I was fascinated by the premise from early pages and my love for this book and characters only grew as the story progressed.

But what kind of romance story it would be without a dose of complications? In Matis tribe, mating between native person and outsider is strictly forbidden. It was bittersweet to watch Leia struggling with her feelings towards Tanun. What will prevail? Selfish love when Leia can have Tanun all for herself? Or selfless love when Tanun can stay with his people where he is needed the most?

Tanun was such an untraditional character, yet I couldn't help but fall head over heels in love with him. He won me over with his kindness. I was mesmerized by his playful persona. His generosity and honesty astounded me. Tanun is definitely kind of character I will always remember and this book is worth of reading just so you can meet him.

And one last observation. Even though this book has some signs of so called insta-love, it never bothered me. It wasn't some juvenile irrational crush and events that Leia had to go through, immediatelly and irrevocably changed her, making her quick connection to Tanun quite believable in my eyes. So do not hesitate to give this book a chance!

Monday 11 August 2014

REVIEW: Dust to Dust by Karina Halle

My favourite series has come to an end. It is a bittersweet feeling. I truly recommend this series to everyone who likes out of norm stories with intriguing plot. #TeamDerryForever

Dust to Dust by Karina Halle

(Experiment in Terror #9)

Purchase: Amazon / B&N / iTunes


The dramatic conclusion to the Experiment in Terror Series.

Perry Palomino and Dex Foray.

On their own, they’re uniquely brilliant. Together, they’re an unstoppable team.

Until now.

Because after everything the duo has encountered, they haven’t come across an evil quite like this. An evil that has been years in the making, an evil that will stop at nothing until they, and everyone they care for, are destroyed.

Dex and Perry’s love has survived a multitude of sins.

But can it survive the end?

* 5 STARS * Review:

"I love you," I whimpered. "Always. Beyond death."

What can I say? Dust to Dust is definitely one big finale to this phenomenal series. The big finale that all fans of Experiment In Terror series have been waiting for and simultaneously have been dreading to read since they knew they would have to say goodbye to our beloved Dex and Perry.

Do you think that nothing can surprise you? You are dead wrong. Karina Halle has one wicked mind of a genius and you have to trust me when I say that you will find yourself breathless and speechless quite often while reading this novel.

Do you think that nothing can scare you? Think twice. Because you have obviously never read anything like this book. Our main duo has never been in such a big trouble as in this book and my heart was constantly racing with all the anxiety. So prepare yourself for a great dose of creepiness and heart-stopping situations.

Do you never/rarely cry when it comes to fictional characters? The fact that you got so far in the series as book #9 means that you care. And if you care about Dex and Perry, this novel won’t leave you indifferent when it comes to emotions and touching moments.

"We were Dex and Perry and our relationship seemd to thrive on the universe being out of order."

And my favourite part of this book? I loved that Karina Halle still kept Dex’s sarcasm no matter what messed up situations protagonists found themselves in. His unmistakable humour is one of reasons that make Dex so special in my eyes and I was glad it was still present in this instalment.

Experiment In Terror is my all time favourite series taking place in our contemporary word. It has been unforgettable journey and an incredible experience to get to know Dex and Perry. And now I am truly sad to say goodbye. Karina Halle did fantastic job with creating this series and if you haven’t read it yet, you are most definitely missing out!



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