Tuesday 11 August 2015

5 TIPS How To Survive the Wait For Next Instalment in Your Favorite Series

I don't know about you, but I prefer to wait until book series is completed and marathon read it. However, sometimes blurb is so appealing and reviews are so persuasive that I cave in and start series before it is finished. I just can't help myself. But with this "weakness" come consequences - I loved the book, I have huge book hangover and I desperately need to know what will happen next because of that cruel cliffhanger at the end. But next book does not come out until next year. How do I survive such a wait?

I experienced this problem earlier this year after finishing Golden Son by Pierce Brown. Fortunately, I found some ways how to make the wait bearable and I decided to share them with you:


Writing a review or making your own fanart is a great way to relive the atmosphere that you experienced while reading the book.


Comment on other positive reviews or blog posts that focus on your favorite series. Even short discussion with like-minded people can make you feel closer to your favorite book(s) once again.


Internet is full of possibilities, so why not to google suggestions what to read next after this or that book that left you in a huge book hangover? For many readers (me included) this is a guaranteed way to find new favorites.


Be on the look out for early teasers and never miss possible interviews/excerpts containing new info about upcoming book. In this case, it is okay to be a stalker :)


Nothing helps. You still miss your favorite characters more and more every day and release of next book in series is still very far away. There may be just this one cure for you. Re-read all available instalments. It always helps me to survive the wait!

What do you do to survive the wait for the next book in the series?
Have you ever tried tips from my list? Did it work?

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