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REVIEW: On Demon Wings by Karina Halle

On Demon Wings by Karina Halle

(Experiment in Terror #5)


Goodreads Blurb:

When the life you wanted has crumbled beneath your fingers, there’s nothing left to do but pick up the pieces and soldier on. You’ve done this before.

But what happens when you no longer feel like yourself anymore? When fires spontaneously start-up around you, when you hear growling coming from underneath your bed, and you no longer recognize your face in the mirror. What happens then?

Ghost-hunter Perry Palomino doesn’t have much time to find out. Now, the evil she used to hunt is a lot closer to home. It’s inside of her, taking over her life bit-by-terrifying bit, and there’s only one person who can help her.

If part of her doesn’t kill him first.


My Review:

Oh My God, this was crazily fantastic!!! There are no doubts that Karina is amazing author. This book was full of surprises and I was seriously overwhelmed with all that happened in this book.

"And this fear, the fright that shattered my nerves and made my tongue buzz like metal, it was more real than any dream. Sometimes it was only the strongest, most palable terror that really made you feel alive."

After cliffhanger in Lying Season, I immediately started book 5. Things were pretty negative and depressive for Perry at the beginning, it seemed like plenty of bad and sad things were coming her way. It was breaking my heart to see Perry struggling with her life situations. And than she started losing her mind. Literally. Things got weird, creepy and she had noone to count on. Only Ada. Oh yes, Ada, the best sister in the world. I really liked her in this book, that is for sure.

Things were super freaky in On Demon Wings. All the ghost-possession-mind-losing stuff really scared me and I found most of the is very believable which made things for me even scarier. Everything felt more dangerous and creepier in this book, especially when Dex was not arround. I had scary goose bumps more often than during previous books in these series and On Demon Wings seriously gave me creeps.

So far I thought that Jennifer L. Armentrout is master of cliffhangers. But considering the one in this book, Karina definitely accomplished the level of I-have-to-read-next-book-like-now-otherwise-I-will-go-crazy with her cliffhanger. So seriously poeple, go and read these series!!!

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