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LIFE CHANGING READS is occasional blog feature in which I talk about books that recently (or in the past) had a big impact on me and left me in the state of slight addiction in one form or another.

I have a confession to make. I have never been a big fan of YA contemporary novels. For some reason, their characters and storylines were never able to satisfy me as a reader. I found good YA contemporary reads here and there, but nothing that would make it to my all time favorites list. I kind of got used to the fact that YA contemporary genre was "not for me" and that I would never find an author who would write YA contemporary novels that would meet all my requirements. It has all changed when I discovered Heather Demetrios and realized that her books have everything I have been looking for in YA contemporary genre.

It all started with her latest release I'll Meet You There (you can read my quick review here) and afterwards I just had to read more by this author. That's how I got to her Something Real (scroll down to read my review).

What is so special about Heather Demetrios's books?

A) Heather Demetrios writes realistic, healthy and unique couples with the best chemistry that you want to root for unconditionally from the very beginning, even before they are actual couple. In other words, she writes the best OTPs :)

B) Her novels fit into "grey" category = nothing is black or white in the world she creates, no one is strictly good or bad. These kinds of stories are my favorite.

C) You won't find over-used annoying clichés or stupid eye-rolling love triangles in her novels. This author provides profound, thought-provoking and addictive storylines.

I can't ask for more in a contemporary book.

REVIEW: Something Real by Heather Demetrios

Published by: Henry Holt BYR

Purchase: Amazon / B&N / BD

Genre: Young Adult Contemporary

Winner of the 2012 PEN New England Discovery Award!

There’s nothing real about reality TV.

Seventeen-year-old Bonnie™ Baker has grown up on TV—she and her twelve siblings are the stars of one-time hit reality show Baker’s Dozen. Since the show’s cancellation and the scandal surrounding it, Bonnie™ has tried to live a normal life, under the radar and out of the spotlight. But it’s about to fall apart…because Baker’s Dozen is going back on the air. Bonnie™’s mom and the show’s producers won’t let her quit and soon the life she has so carefully built for herself, with real friends (and maybe even a real boyfriend), is in danger of being destroyed by the show. Bonnie™ needs to do something drastic if her life is ever going to be her own—even if it means being more exposed than ever before.


17 years old Bonnie™ Baker, a star of TV reality show that has been her "reality" almost all her life, doesn't want to be just a trade mark and live her life in the constant spotlight of media and paparazzi. How far will she go to gain her "normalcy" and free herself from cameras?

Something Real can be described as a modern version of 1984. I went to it blind and I loved it immensely. This book is about (dysfunctional) family relationships, fame, publicity and personal privacy. It's very deep and thoughtful story that will definitely make you think about relationships and society, about what is real and what is fake in our lives. It took me couple of chapters to orient myself among so many people in huge Baker family. But once I got to know them, I had to admit that they created quite an entertaining and interesting bunch of characters (which always equals to great read for me). On the top of that, this novel tells a tale of the most adorable and quirky teenage romance that will make you swoon big time!

And this author's writing style? Amazing. She grabs your attention, hooks you in and does not let you go until you finish whole book. I love books like this, when I can't put it down until the last pages. If you haven't read Something Real yet (or any other books by this author), I urge you to do so as soon as possible. You won't regret it!


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