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REVIEW: The Morbid and Sultry Tales of Genevieve Clare

The Morbid and Sultry Tales of Genevieve Clare

Written by: J.B. Hartnett

Release date: October 30th 2014

Genre: Contemporary Romance

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My name is Genevieve Clare, professional mourner, destined to spend my days donning a black suit and throwing myself on top of caskets for money. Sometimes I mixed it up and threw myself on top of a willing warm body instead. Finding the right warm body though, that was a different story.


After Gen’s parents and grandma died during car accident, she got an idea - to set up a business as a professional mourner. She has always been a little "dark", so why not helping and comforting people who have no one else and don’t want to feel alone in their grief? Why not plan their own funerals to their liking? If only she could keep her emotions out of way...

Unconventional and unique, this story screamed "Read me, Lucia!". So obviously, I had to pick it up. I admit, the premise is quite morbid, but it worked. Together with captivating writing and emotional storyline, I really liked this book a lot. Plus I was surprised how much I laughed while reading this novel. It was all Gen’s "fault". She was funny and fascinating character. Moreover, this book has the best side characters! They made this story truly special.

And the best part of this story? Beautiful small-town romance between Genevieve and Ahren, her 4 years older childhood friend, teenage crush and love of her life. I adore friends-to-lovers kind of stories, especially when they take place in a span of years (as was the case of this novel). But after losing everyone she loved, will Gen be able to put her heart on the line ever again?

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