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REVIEW: Found by Nadia Simonenko

Found by Nadia Simonenko

(Lost and Found #2)

Genre: New Adult Contemporary



Goodreads Blurb:

We’ll find each other somehow. We’re not lost anymore... 
All it took was one phone call to tear Owen's life apart. His father is dead and his mother is in critical condition. Even though he feared his abusive father and despised his family, losing them hurts in a way he never expected. Just weeks ago, Owen was terrified that he'd have to go home. Now, there is no home. 
All it took was one phone call to shatter Maria's happily-ever-after and bring her nightmares back to life. Maria's estranged brother is coming up to see her graduation and he isn't coming alone. He's bringing Maria's parents, as she expected, but he's also bringing along an old friend from college—someone who's haunted Maria's nightmares for seven years. Now, she's about to come face to face with the man who ruined her life. 
Will the love and happiness Maria and Owen found be enough to hold them together as their lives fall apart around them, or will their relationship slip away and be lost forever?
My Owen and Maria:

  * 4 STARS * Review: 

After intense and emotional first book Lost I was looking forward to reading this sequel. Maria and Owen grew on me and I needed to know how will their story continue. And let me tell you, it was one heartbreaking ride...

After quite depressive first book, I thought I was ready for everything. I was wrong. Author shocked me within first couple of chapters.

This book follows the story of Owen and Maria right where we left them in previous book. Still in their last semester, Owen and Maria struggle to overcome their nightmares, while worrying about real life and what they are going to do after graduation. But they have each other for support, right?
"All it took for everything to fall apart again was one phone call."
How are they going to deal with their nightmares? Will they be able to face and than burry their demons once and for all?

My heart broke for Owen in first book and it was totally shattered in this sequel. He is probably the most broken character I have ever read about and his story is extremely painful. I wished I could have reached through my kindle, hugged him and just make him better.

Writing in this book has a personal feel to it. It seemed like author was just re-telling someone's true story. And it definitely made my reading experience more intense and powerful. If you enjoy reading emotional New Adult stories, definitely read this series, it is one of the best within its genre. I personally cannot wait for next stories by this author!

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