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Today's theme of my Two Quick Reviews is forbidden teacher/student romance.

But before I proceed to actual reviews, I want to introduce my new "quick rating". Looks like Two Quick Reviews will become regular monthly feature here on Reading Is My Breathing so I plan to use this rating with all my quick reviews posts in the future.


Last Will and Testament by Dahlia Adler

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release date: December 9th 2014

Lizzie Brandt was valedictorian of her high school class, but at Radleigh University, all she's acing are partying and hooking up with the wrong guys. But all that changes when her parents are killed in a tragic accident, making her guardian to her two younger brothers. To keep them out of foster care, she'll have to fix up her image, her life, and her GPA—fast. Too bad the only person on campus she can go to for help is her humorless, pedantic Byzantine History TA, Connor Lawson, who isn't exactly Lizzie's biggest fan.

But Connor surprises her. Not only is he a great tutor, but he’s also a pretty great babysitter. And chauffeur. And listener. And he understands exactly what it’s like to be on your own before you're ready. Before long, Lizzie realizes having a responsible-adult type around has its perks... and that she'd like to do some rather irresponsible (but considerably adult) things with him as well. Good thing he's not the kind of guy who'd ever reciprocate.

Until he does.

Until they turn into far more than teacher and student.

Until the relationship that helped put their lives back together threatens everything they both have left.


From college party girl to guardian of her two younger brothers, Lizzie had to grow up very fast after the accidental death of her parents. I really liked transition of her character. Author made very good and believable job of developing her character. And even though I never experienced what Lizzie did (fortunately), it was very easy to connect with her. She was very realistic 18 years old character which made her POV very enjoyable for me.

Add NOT INSTA forbidden love, funny banters between main duo, emotional moments of three siblings learning to adapt in world without their parents and we have this not so original but solid NA read. I had some issues with author’s storytelling and plot holes but fortunately it wasn’t anything major that would prevent me from enjoying this novel.

Recommended for all fans of forbidden romance trope between teacher (teaching assistant) and student!

Unteachable by Leah Raeder

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release date: July 27th 2013

Maise O’Malley just turned eighteen, but she’s felt like a grown-up her entire life. The summer before senior year, she has plans: get into a great film school, convince her mom to go into rehab, and absolutely do not, under any circumstances, screw up her own future.

But life has a way of throwing her plans into free-fall.

When Maise meets Evan at a carnival one night, their chemistry is immediate, intense, and short-lived. Which is exactly how she likes it: no strings. But afterward, she can’t get Evan out of her head. He’s taught her that a hookup can be something more. It can be an unexpected connection with someone who truly understands her. Someone who sees beyond her bravado to the scared but strong girl inside.

That someone turns out to be her new film class teacher, Mr. Evan Wilke.

Maise and Evan resolve to keep their hands off each other, but the attraction is too much to bear. Together, they’re real and genuine; apart, they’re just actors playing their parts for everyone else. And their masks are slipping. People start to notice. Rumors fly. When the truth comes to light in a shocking way, they may learn they were just playing parts for each other, too.

Smart, sexy, and provocative, Unteachable is about what happens when a love story goes off-script.


I tried twice and I never got further than 25%. I give up. I just can't connect with heroine. Her POV is not doing it for me.

And quick insta-lust/insta-love? Not my preference when it comes to books dealing with forbidden romance. What a shame. I love teacher/student romances and was genuinely looking forward to reading this one...


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